Health insurance

We offer a solution for health insurance worldwide. Our plans range from basic up to comprehensive cover with all solutions offering cover for evacuation and repatriation and cancer.

You can select the level of cover that meets your requirement; including dental, wellness and maternity cover.

You can select an annual excess to obtain a discount on the annual premium.

Where necessary we offer a locally compliant plan such as in the UAE where we offer the Gulfhealth product which meets with the locally prescribed requirements and has access to direct billing networks.

Evolution Health

Flexible plans. For flexible lives.

Evolution Health is a product aimed at making it easier and more cost effective for clients to purchase the cover they need.

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GulfHealth (UAE)

Expatriate healthcare insurance plans in the UAE.

Our GulfHealth (UAE) plan provides an individual plan for individuals/families or a corporate plan for company purchase.

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Company schemes


Our Evolution Health and Gulf Health (UAE) plans are also available to companies for their expatriate employees. In such cases, group discounts may apply, and certain benefit adjustments may be available.


We are able to provide cover for large corporate schemes which include large numbers of international employees or a mix of international and local employees.

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Life insurance

Living and working overseas can be a very fulfilling experience for you and your family. However, should the worst happen, you would want to be secure in the knowledge that your dependants would be financially secure.

We offer life insurance plans available from one to ten years with a guaranteed annual premium for the length of the selected term.


Personal accident

We can access quotations for individual and corporate requirements via Lloyds. Send us your information and we will send you a quote.

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