Global thinking, personal care.

We wanted to support our clients with the best possible healthcare products in the UAE. We decided to work exclusively with Morgan Price to provide these to you.

Morgan Price was formed in 1999 to act as a product provider in the international health insurance market.

High quality healthcare that is easy to understand and gives you the confidence and security you need. Our highest priority is making sure our members across the world are cared for. Our plans are designed with the GCC and specifically the United Arab Emirates in mind, catering to the needs of members when they need it most.

Our promise

Our clients are central to everything that we do and as such we are committed to treating customers in a fair, honest and transparent manner.

We will deal with our clients in an open and honest way and give them as much information as possible at all stages of their interaction with us.

We will provide products that fulfil the needs of our clients

We will provide clear documentation and communications so the clients know what they have bought and how to use it.

Where our products or service fall short of the standards a client expects, we will work hard to put them right.

We will pay valid claims in a timely manner, and not decline claims on an unfair technicality.

We will advise our clients when a product no longer meets their needs what their options are, even if this means recommending a competitor.

Plans sold in the UAE are insured by National Takaful Company PJSC (Watania).

Plans are designed by Morgan Price.

Plans are administered by Amity Health LLC or Neuron LLC dependent on chosen product.